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Self-paced learning

Gamified continous learning platform for Communication Skills development, Programming, Job Placements preparation, Engineering, IIT JEE, NEET, SAT Prep and many more.

Learn and Practice Any Skill

Myswots is an engaging platform, helping students with 'continuous learning' there by enabling them to tackle the demands of the corporate sector and competitive exams. We’ve built-in cool tools (Code visualizer, review mechanism, real-world usage, illustrations of concepts etc.) that supports conceptual learning.

Rich Content Repository

Content has always been the key. We’ve brought in expert minds in their respective fields to create the content in all the areas of interest. You could view some of our authors’ profile here

360 degree view

We’ve always felt analytics should not just be used for bench-marking but also to aid learning. So we have built-in just enough analytics for the student to check progress & set individual goals for improvement

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