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MySwots is a very cool platform to allow students assess their knowledge in this modern age of Online Competitive Exams. It has provided me with the comfort of giving and conducting online tests with all the features I needed. It is an easy to use application for everyone. Each exam will have results page where you can have statistics regarding the exam and assess your performance. I would suggest everyone to give it a shot, whether you're taking exams or conducting one - 'Try it' and you'll love it, for sure. All the best to Team MySwots for putting such great effort. - Abhinav, IIT(BHU), Varanasi

Perfect. You folks have done a good job of gamification of learning English. - Madhu Parthasarathy, CEO at Spinmergy Cognitive Systems, Bangalore

MYSWOT is really great tool. Gives complete analysis of a student. - Ranjith, Faculty of EEE, GCT Coimbatore

We scheduled a Quiz among us. We really loved it. It was a great experience. - Balaji, Placement coordinator, PSG Coimbatore

Myswots English skill activity was very cool and interesting. The way our skills being assessed were also good. - Aswath Murugesan, Placement Coordinator, GCT Coimbatore

Myswots team has done a great job, I must say. Time management, Bench-marking analysis would be very helpful for the students. Percentile part is the best for students undergoing any competitive exams. The interface is also easy once you spend sometime. - Utkarsh Mahanta, Battle of Energia coordinator, UPES Dehradun

Thanks a lot for your continuous support and the M.Sc(CS), MCA and M.Sc(IMCA) students are extremely happy with the platform. - Anjali Naik, Placement officer, Fergusson Pune

The performance analysis charts were awesome and help identify strengths, weakness. - Ragavi, CEG Anna University Chennai

With the series of aptitude tests throughout the year for the final years, management will find it very easy to monitor the progress of every student and improve placements. - Vijay, CSMIT chairman, MIT Chennai

So far the myswots experience has been good. Students have benefitted from this practice. Thank you for making this service available to us free of cost. - Akanksha Kashikar, Placement officer, Pune University

The performance report look pretty slick. - Mitch Middler, AP CS teacher, Manhattan Beach school CA

I liked the parts after the test where I was able to see where I went wrong and areas I should improve. I was hoping for this type of analysis. Great job team myswots!- V.Shivaram, Silver Medalist - AIMPT2, PSG Coimbatore

The statistics provided after the test (comparing our previous performances & comparing our performance vs others) prove to be really helpful in tracking our progress. The answers and their explanation is the BEST part since most other test websites do not show our answer nor the answer to their questions after test. - Ravi Sreyas Srinivasan, Bronze Medalist - AIMPT2, PSG Coimbatore

Here, people are liking the platform and finding it very useful. - Shubhankar, PVG, Pune

The tests and quizzes that are being conducted by Myswots are very useful for our placement preparation. - Swaathi Shri TT, Gold Medalist AIMPT1, PSG Coimbatore

Gave a few tests and I'm impressed with the quality of the tests. - Partha Ohja, Placement coordinator, PSG Coimbatore

Our class students find the platform good and very helpful for cracking placements. - Shounak Joshi, Placement coordinator, Fergusson Pune

Myswots initiative was awesome and helped me cracking CISCO. - Manedi Rajesh, PSG Coimbatore

Everyone were impressed with the novel method. Many of them attended the tests with smartphones and find the performance analytics very useful. - Karthiga, MIT Chennai

I'm really glad that this was my best experience about giving the aptitude test and getting the performance analytics of it. - Girijashankar, Placement coordinator, Fergusson Pune

Tried Myswots, UI is simple and easy to use. My mates will also like it for sure. - Sakthivel, Placement coordinator, PSG Coimbatore

We all liked the individual performance analysis of the test. - Ashwin, Event coordinator of Infoquest, GCT Coimbatore

Simply put, awesome test taking performance with detailed performance analysis. - Vimal Kumar, Placement coordinator, GCT Coimbatore

The difficulty level of the tests and ease of use is excellent. - Manzoor, Placement coordinator, Indira College Pune

Awesome, getting a great performance report about my class. - Sriram, Placement coordinator, PSG Coimbatore